Welcome to the Drengr Life!

Welcome to the Drengr Life!

We are a small group of Heathens who have come together to work towards offering high quality apparel and other accessories that we feel represent the Drengr mind set with a passion for motorcycles, music, and a clear up front message. 

First off, what is the Drengr mindset? 

Well, what does Drengr mean? In its oldest meaning a rock that stands alone against the sea. Over time it came describe a person who stood with reckless courage against anything that came their way. To be described as being a drengr was to be admired for your courage in the face of whatever obstacle you faced! It meant you stood your ground no matter what! That's what we feel day to day, and what we want to put out into the world!

So welcome to the Drengr Division! Join us in showing the world you stand in reckless courage against anything you face! 


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